Best Pitchers In The American League

CBS New York

By Christian S. Kohl

With over a month of the baseball season already gone, the American League has witnessed a handful of its starting pitchers absolutely dominating on the mound. While consistent elite performers such as CC Sabathia and David Price have taken a bit of time to warm up to the major league season, several starters have excelled right out of the gate. The question is, which one of them is the best?

Coming off an absolutely stellar 2011 season, the consensus pick in the preseason was Tigers ace Justin Verlander. With an overpowering fastball which seems to increase in velocity as the game goes on, in addition to a devastating breaking ball, the Detroit workhorse has begun the season in fine style, pitching to a 2.38 ERA with 42 strikeouts. He has managed to work his way around a few rocky outings and is poised to post fantastic…

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Best Pitchers In The National League

CBS New York

By Christian S. Kohl

Starting pitching in the National League is off to a ferociously hot start. The days of inflated home run totals and offensive power statistics appear well behind us, as a 2.01 ERA in the National League is currently good for tenth place among starters with 30 IP or more. Yet, which starters are the true elite standouts in the early going?

A special note for individual performance vs. actual results should go to Chicago’s Ryan Dempster. Don’t be deceived by his 0-1 record: Dempster is pitching to a league leading 1.02 ERA over 35 innings without managing to record a win. He also sports 36 K’s in 5 starts in addition to a .85 WHIP. The wins will come soon if he continues at that rate.

Dodgers lefty Ted Lilly finds himself off to a red hot start this season, sporting a 4-0 record and a…

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Mr. Man Of The Hour

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

After Josh Hamilton’s 4 home run performance Tuesday against the Baltimore Orioles, the natural talk around the metroplex and in the baseball landscape was, sign this guy! Even if you have to over pay sign this guy!

The Rangers top brass is smarter than to have a knee jerk reaction to the greatest single hitting performance in the history of the American League, so they wont do anything stupid and throw a Pujols type contract at the guy.

But I hope they were paying attention to one thing, THEY NEED TO SIGN THIS GUY!

I don’t think there is any debate at this point that Hamilton is the best player in the game right now. He is 31 currently and is still in his prime. He has several more years of this type of productivity and, barring injury, could become the greatest player in the history of the Rangers, and…

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