Best Pitchers In The National League

CBS New York

By Christian S. Kohl

Starting pitching in the National League is off to a ferociously hot start. The days of inflated home run totals and offensive power statistics appear well behind us, as a 2.01 ERA in the National League is currently good for tenth place among starters with 30 IP or more. Yet, which starters are the true elite standouts in the early going?

A special note for individual performance vs. actual results should go to Chicago’s Ryan Dempster. Don’t be deceived by his 0-1 record: Dempster is pitching to a league leading 1.02 ERA over 35 innings without managing to record a win. He also sports 36 K’s in 5 starts in addition to a .85 WHIP. The wins will come soon if he continues at that rate.

Dodgers lefty Ted Lilly finds himself off to a red hot start this season, sporting a 4-0 record and a…

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